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A natural disaster can occur anytime leaving you and your family at risk if not properly prepared. Emergency Survival Tabs provide a reliable, nutritionally-complete alternative food source in an emergency situation. Many people who live in Tornado Alley in the Midwest know that tornadoes develop rapidly and advance warning is rarely possible. Those who live in earthquake-prone areas are all too familiar with the fact there is no way to forecast these devastating phenomenon. Whether the natural disaster is hurricanes, drought, floods, landslides, winter storms or even being stranded in the desert or mountains…emergency preparedness is vital. Being ready for such events could mean the difference between life and death. In the event that rescue crews are not readily alert of your situation or unable to get to you, Emergency Survival Tabs can become a lifesaving provision. Emergency Survival Tabs are meal replacements in tablet form and can sustain the nutritional demands of the body for over four months. These tablets last up to ten years with proper storage so you can be prepared for years to come.

Our Company is a wholesome food company created to promote health and wellness. We are a USA-based company providing a higher quality version of a previously established brand. The difference between our products and other sellers is we manufacture for ourselves and adhere to strict USDA guidelines for food products. We are committed to product excellence, and that is why we have researched the many benefits and situations where Emergency Survival Tabs USA can be used. Our hands-on experience allows us to answer any question you may have about Emergency Survival Tabs. Please visit our FAQ page for some of the more common questions regarding our products. We welcome all inquiries. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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